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Archives Committee

The records in the AC/324 chronological series reflect the work undertaken under the auspices of the Archives Committee, especially in the initial development of the NATO Archives Service and development of NATO information management and public disclosure policies. The information items primarily comprise of: Archives Committee Annual Reports to the Council, draft archives policy proposals and working papers, Archives Committee meet...

Comité des archives

User Guide

Registre public de divulgation des archives de l’OTAN


Registre public de divulgation des archives de l’OTAN


Registre public de divulgation des archives de l’OTAN

NATO Archives Public Disclosure Register

This series of files consists of the records created or received by the NATO International Staff from various sources. The Register is published in several formats and updated yearly. You are free to choose from a spreadsheet and two file databases. The files are in compressed and read-only format and should be extracted before use. It is a work in progress and holds the metadata for IS, IMS and SHAPE publicly disclosed documents. Du...

Registre public de divulgation des archives de l’OTAN


AAP-15(2013) NATO Glossary of Abbreviations Used in NATO Documents and Publications (English and French) is a NATO Allied Administrative Publication (AAP).AAP-15(2013) terminology has been coordinated with the NATO Terminology Office (NTO) and formally approved by the Committee for Standardization (CS) Representatives on behalf of the CS. It is therefore NATO Agreed.

Secrétariat international

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