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04 - Personnel international / Secrétariat international Anglais
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Concise English-Russian-French Dictionary on Russia-NATO cooperation

This Concise Trilingual (English - Russian - French) Dictionary of Military and Political Terms on Russia - NATO Cooperation is a joint effort of NATO (SHAPE) and Russian military' representatives (the Russian Delegation to SHAPE). This compilation of key terminology on NATO-Russia military cooperation has been developed to assist personnel involved in current NATO-led IFOR / SFOR operations and ongoing NATO - Russia cooperation acti...

Deterrence: the Western approach

A published study on deterrenceundertaken by by a group of governmental experts in pursuance of a request made by the UN General Assembly in December 1984. The study was entitled : "Deterrence : its implications for disarmament and the arms race, negotiated arms reductions, international security and other relatedmatters". Reproduced with permission from the Report of the Secretary General of the United Nations to the forty...

Facts about NATO

A publication intended to serve as a guide for those who lecture on NATO and related topics. The handbook describes the history of NATO, the present structure, the achievements and further topics in greater detail

Headquarters Allied Forces Northern Europe, 1951-1994

A small book bringing together a collection of articles and illustrations brought to commemorate the Northern European Command as its Headquarters closed down on July 1, 1994, in the context of NATO's command restructuring. From its modest beginning in London in 1951, through its three-year interlude at Voksenkollen, Oslo, and finally its 40 years at Kolsâs, in the municipality of Baerum, some 15 kilometres west of the Norwegian capi...

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