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The Trade Unions and NATO

The second edition of a pamphlet addressed to Trade Unionists in order to examine the significance of NATO for organised labour, to bring out someof the problems of common concern to Trade Unions and to NATO, and, finally, to urge upon trade unionists the reasons for studying the future development of the Atlantic Community.

NATO. April 1952 – April 1957. Text of Lord Ismay’s Report to the Ministerial Meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Bonn, May 1957

Text of Lord Ismay’s Report to the Ministerial Meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Bonn, which indicates the principal developments which have taken place in NATO since we moved to Paris in April 1952, and to present an idea of the progress that has been made in the principal NATO activities during the past five years.

NATO Talking Book. Commemorating the tenth anniversary of the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty

Handbook created to house recordings of Mr. Spaak's, Mr. Norstad's, Mr. Luns' and Mr. Roberts' addresses (recordings not included). Also included are short essays by Prime Minister Macmillian, President Eisenhower, President De Gaulle, Chancellor Adenauer and Foreign Minister Lange as well as numerous advertisement for contemporary service.

NATO Bibliography

This bibliography provides a comprehensive list of books and periodicals dealing with NATO. The first two chapters are devoted to the historical background of the Treaty. The following chapters, which cover the political, military, economic, legal and cultural aspects of the Alliance as well as the relationship of NATO to certain outstanding problems, have been compiled from the documentation published before 1st September 1963.

NATO at Work

A brochure describing less well known cooperative agencies and measures of the Alliance, such as the NATO Common Infrastructure, the Central Europe Operating Agency (CEOA), the Hawk Organization, the Sidewinder Organization, the F 104 G Starfighter Organization, the NATO Maintenance and Supply Organization, the Breguet Atlantic, the SACLANT Anti-Submarine Warfare Research Centre, the Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Developm...

Report on the future tasks of the Alliance. Harmel Report / Rapport sur les futures tâches de l’Alliance. Rapport Harmel

A report describing the future tasks, goals and strategies of NATO, including their adaptability and the vitality of the alliance. // Une rapprt sur les futures tâches, buts et strateges de l'OTAN, et la souplesse et la vitalité de l'alliance.

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