NATO Non-Periodical Inventory list

Identifier Title Sort ascending Level of description Date Digital object
Economic consultation in NATO 1971 Economic consultation in NATO. NATO’s activities in the economic sphere Item 1971-01-01 View
NATO Economics Colloquium 1994 Economic restructuring and defence policy: The backbone of privatization. NATO-Economics Colloquium Item 1994-12-01 View
Eurogroup Western Defense-The European Role in NATO 1984-1985 Eurogroup. Western Defense: the European role in NATO Item 1984-01-01 View
European Defence-12 years of the Eurogroup 1980 European Defence: 12 years of the Eurogroup Item 1980-01-01 View
European Defence-8 years of the Eurogroup 1975 European Defence: 8 years of the Eurogroup Item 1975-01-01 View
Exercise Strong Resolve 1998 Exercise Strong Resolve 1998 Item 1998-01-01 View
Extending Security in the Euro-Atlantic Area 1999 Extending Security in the Euro-Atlantic Area. The Role of NATO and its Partner Countries Item 1999-01-01 View
Force comparison 1987-NATO and the Warsaw Pact 1988 Force comparison 1987 – NATO and the Warsaw Pact Item 1988-01-01 View
NATO and the Russian Federation-Founding Act 1997 Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between the North Atlantic Treay Organization and the Russian Federation Item 1997-05-01 View
Headquarters Allied Forces Northern Europe 1951-1994 Headquarters Allied Forces Northern Europe, 1951-1994 Item 1994-01-01 View
Hesitation in the West 1959 Hesitation in the West? Address delivered by Paul-Henri Spaak, Secretary-General, North Atlantic Treaty Organization before the NATO Parliamentarians’ Conference, Washington, November 19th, 1959 Item 1959-11-01 View
NATO-How it works 1992 How it works – The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Item 1992-01-01 View
NATO-How it works 1994 How it works – The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Item 1994-01-01 View
NATO Public Opinion Seminar 1995 Influencing public opinion in a changing world. Public Opinion Seminar Item 1998-01-01 View
Know your NATO 1949-1959 Know your NATO. North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Shield of Freedom, 1949-1959 Item 1959-01-01 View
Knowledge of NATO 1980 Knowledge of NATO. An enquiry into knowledge of NATO possessed by students in the senior form of secondary schools in the public sector in England in the Winter Term 1979 Item 1980-01-01 View
Kosovo one year on-Achievement and Challenge 2000 Kosovo one year on. Achievement and Challenge. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, Secretary General of NATO Item 2000-01-01 View
The Eurogroup-L’Eurogroupe 1972 L’Eurogroupe. Rapport présenté par MM. Carl Damm et Philip Goodhart Item 1972-01-01 View
Summit Madrid Press Info 1997 Madrid Summit – Press info – 8-9 VII 1997 Item 1997-01-01 View
Managing Defence Systems in the Information Age 1999 Managing Defence Systems in the Information Age. A new way of working Item 1999-06-01 View
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