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04 - Personnel international / Secrétariat international Avec documents numériques
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NATO - The first 5 years 1949-1954 - by Lord Ismay, Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

This survey is an attempt to relate in a concise form why the Treaty was signed, what it means, how the machinery, both civil and military, for implementing its terms has been evolved, how that machinery works and what has been accomplished in the first five years of the Alliance - from 1949 until July 1954.

NP - Division Diplomatie publique (PDD)

NATO Talking Book. Commemorating the tenth anniversary of the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty

Handbook created to house recordings of Mr. Spaak's, Mr. Norstad's, Mr. Luns' and Mr. Roberts' addresses (recordings not included). Also included are short essays by Prime Minister Macmillian, President Eisenhower, President De Gaulle, Chancellor Adenauer and Foreign Minister Lange as well as numerous advertisement for contemporary service.

L’Ouest indécis ? Discours prononcé par le Secrétaire Général de l’OTAN M. Paul-Henri Spaak à l’occasion de la Conférence des Parlementaires de l’OTAN. Washington, 19 Novembre 1959

Discours prononcé par le Secrétaire Général de l'OTAN Paul-Henti Spaak, intitulé "L'ouest indécis," concernant la situation internationale contemporain et le futur.

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