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04 - Personnel international / Secrétariat international Avec documents numériques Anglais
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NATO - The first 5 years 1949-1954 - by Lord Ismay, Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

This survey is an attempt to relate in a concise form why the Treaty was signed, what it means, how the machinery, both civil and military, for implementing its terms has been evolved, how that machinery works and what has been accomplished in the first five years of the Alliance - from 1949 until July 1954.

NP - Division Diplomatie publique (PDD)

Progress Report on Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF). NATO 1983. Special Consultative Group (SCG)

A Published report on Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) created for the Special Consultative Group (SCG), which was charged with implementing the December 1979 Decision on Theater Nuclear Force Modernization andRelated Arms Control.

Report on the future tasks of the Alliance. Harmel Report / Rapport sur les futures tâches de l’Alliance. Rapport Harmel

A report describing the future tasks, goals and strategies of NATO, including their adaptability and the vitality of the alliance. // Une rapprt sur les futures tâches, buts et strateges de l'OTAN, et la souplesse et la vitalité de l'alliance.

SHAPE and Allied Command Europe 1951-1971. Twenty years in the service of peace and security

A book written to commemoratethe twentieth anniversary of the activation on 2 April 1951 of Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) and Allied Command Europe. The book brings together articles on the history, importance and challenges of SHAPE. These articles are scheduledto appear simultaneously in a special issue of NATO's Fifteen Nations magazine devoted to the anniversary.The authors — all members of Allied Command...

Some Soviet and Warsaw Pact Military Facts and Figures

A small booklet containing approximations of Soviet and Warsaw Pact Military Facts and Figures, produced to give wider public awareness and understanding of the military power of the Warsaw Pact. Includes information on the Soviet command structure, defence expenditure, manpower, combat power and military deploymnet facing NATO.

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