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04 - Personnel international / Secrétariat international Avec documents numériques Anglais
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NATO Talking Book. Commemorating the tenth anniversary of the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty

Handbook created to house recordings of Mr. Spaak's, Mr. Norstad's, Mr. Luns' and Mr. Roberts' addresses (recordings not included). Also included are short essays by Prime Minister Macmillian, President Eisenhower, President De Gaulle, Chancellor Adenauer and Foreign Minister Lange as well as numerous advertisement for contemporary service.

NATO at Work

A brochure describing less well known cooperative agencies and measures of the Alliance, such as the NATO Common Infrastructure, the Central Europe Operating Agency (CEOA), the Hawk Organization, the Sidewinder Organization, the F 104 G Starfighter Organization, the NATO Maintenance and Supply Organization, the Breguet Atlantic, the SACLANT Anti-Submarine Warfare Research Centre, the Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Developm...

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