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01 - Le Conseil de l'Atlantique Nord Sous-série Anglais
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Annual Review Committee - Ad Hoc Working Group

The AC/19(WG) sub-series consists of four documents issued by the Ad Hoc Working Group. These documents deal with co-operation with the Western European Union and the implementation of resolution C-M(54)85.

Comité de l'examen annuel - Groupe de travail ad hoc

Financial and Economic Committee - Permanent Working Staff

Financial and Economic Committee - Permanent Working Staff series contains records for the meetings and documents by the PWS. Most of the documents originated by the PWS of the DFEC have not survived (i.e. from FEC(STAFF)D(49)1 to FEC(STAFF)D(49)3) and the first 12 meetings of the PWS). Defence expenditures, custom duties on import of armaments, financing high priority defence productions, commitment of funds and arms production in E...

Groupe permanent de travail du Comité de défense économique et financier.